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Sunday, October 20, 2002
2:41 PM 
From the "What the hell were they thinking?" department
The efforts are in violation of a 1994 agreement under which the North pledged to abandon its nuclear program in return for U.S.-led aid in the construction of two light-water reactors.
That's right folks. The USA helped the north Koreans build nuclear reactors, and now they may have weapons. Somebody should go to the wall for this.

8:47 AM 
Somebody in an email asked me where I stood with respect to the globalization protesters and their stance. This is what I said:
I'm not one of them, but we have much common cause.

The difference is that I'd like to see a lot more stuff like this: The Super Money Maker Irrigation Pump.

And most of them simply want to leave the poor buggers alone to rot.

So... the basic "ANTI" stance is this:

1> The IMF/World Bank's main purpose is to produce massive dollar-debt in third world economies to draw them into the role of raw materials providers for us in the first world. Compare to the balance-of-trade effect of the Opium Wars.

2> Corporations end-run around the labor and health and environmental practices forced upon them by first world nations, then sell the goods to us in the west. This is *slaughtering* people down south. And god-forbid you're a labor organizer in Laos, you know? They can't modernize by the struggles we had between the people and the owners in the labor disputes of England and America, because there are massive foreign powers backing up the owners. Imagine 1800's English labor practices **FOREVER**.

That's something to riot about.

3> The long term structuring of the trade-and-tariff system is intended to cement this state of affairs in place permanently by preventing capital flight to the second and third world.

Here's how it works:
Tax on bringing a ton of oranges into the USA: $1.
Tax on that same ton as juice: $5

So, you have to juice them here, keeping the capital cost of the plant, and all of it's secondary and tertiary economic benefits in the good ol' US of A.

And the entire fucking racket is set up that way: to try and prevent the second and third world nations either:

1> Ceasing to trade on a large scale with the west and trading among themselves, where there is less absolute advantage.

2> Modernizing and following us into prosperity.
I don't have much time to put into the blog at the moment, but I'll keep it up with snippets when I can.